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1-minute short film

No matter the color of your skin, silence is no longer tolerable.

This piece, originally released on June 1, 2020, was created in response to the continued senseless killings of Black people at the hands of police and vigilante citizens. 


The murders of Breonna Taylor, Amaud Arbery, and George Floyd—magnified by a world at standstill due to COVID-19—landed us in a time where racial tensions in the United States were again at a boiling point. 


But this time it was different. 


Those who have enjoyed privilege were forced to stop and see. They were unable to look to their normal life distractions that once allowed them to ignore the presence of racism sewn into the fabric of our country. These same people would then realize that in order to eradicate racism, we must fight this fight together.


Regardless of race, religion, faith or social class, silence is no longer acceptable.

Strategy: Nana Dadzie

Director: Nana Dadzie

Copy: Nana Dadzie, Erinn Budd

Editing: Shirod Greene

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